Wed, Sep 27, 2023

10 AM – 2 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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Learn.  Serve.  Grow.. hosted by Casey Jones and his wife, Anita Montanya Baird, will provide many insights in regard to how selective part-time employment, internships and volunteer activities can greatly broaden perspectives as to where God may call a student after graduation.

Casey Jones is president and executive director of Allegany Hope, a Christian nonprofit located in nearby Belmont, the county seat of Allegany County.

He developed a 12 Steps Toward EmploymentTM workshop and supports for the unemployed during the Great Recession and is constantly engaged in connecting individuals with information and resources they may need to succeed in where the Lord may be leading them.

Casey started out as a newspaper reporter while still in high school, quickly contributing information to the Associated Press, followed shortly thereafter by stories and photographs to its national AP Newsfeatures.  He was a main street retailer for more than 30 years in Central New York, becoming engaged with several local, state, national and an international organization as an officer and administrator.  He also served four terms as mayor of a small city and was a municipal management advisor and local government administrator in a dozen villages and a borough in Central and Eastern New York and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

He helped develop two Christian neighborhood centers, one of which received a national Presidential Recognition Award for public/private partnerships.  A second similar award was received for multi-faceted community development involving a downtown commercial business district.

Anita, a graduate of both Houghton Academy and Houghton College (University), grew up in Puerto Rico with missionary parents.  After college, she returned to the U.S. territory to serve as a missionary teacher.  After returning to the United States, she became a teacher and then a principal in a 1,200-student inner-city Rochester, N.Y., elementary school.

Over the years, she has become very involved in multicultural issues and serves as a Spanish interpreter/translator for farms in a five-county, two-state area.

Anita has traveled to Mexico and the island of Cuba on several occasions and to Columbia and some other countries, and maintains communications with many residents and former residents, having assisted in bringing several immigrants to the United States and helping them and others to transition to the American ways of life.

She credits her current efforts with having worked, along with several classmates, with migrants during her time at Houghton.
Learn. Grow. Serve. will be held as an Around the Table session at both 11:30AM and 12:30PM on Thursday, September 28 in the Alumni Dining Hall.

Allegany Hope also will be present to meet with students from 10AM to 2PM Wednesday, September 27 in the Van Dyk Lounge in the Campus Center, to provide information on potential opportunities which are available in the greater Houghton area for students who are focused on exploring what God may be calling them to be.

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